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What is XFINITY?
XFINITY® is instant entertainment and connection — anywhere, anytime, on any screen.

We made some significant changes to our network and product capabilities that have given us the ability to offer even more HD channels, more Video On Demand choices, faster Internet speeds and more video online, plus new cross-platform and mobile features.

As a result of these changes, we have rebranded our products using the following names: XFINITY TV, XFINITY INTERNET and XFINITY VOICE.

XFINITY is about offering our customers more choice, more control, more speed and more HD than ever before. It’s also our promise to customers that we’ll keep innovating to deliver the best possible experience.

What makes XFINITY different from the service I currently receive from Comcast?
XFINITY reinvents entertainment so you can enjoy it your way. With TV, Internet and Voice services that work together, you can access and enjoy everything you love anytime, anywhere and any way you want:

50 Mbps downloads today increasing to 100+ Mbps and even faster in the future.
100+ HD Channels, 8,000+ HD choices, and the best HD picture quality available.
50 to 70 multi-cultural channels.
With XFINITY On Demand, get many movies available same day as DVD and 28 days before Netflix® and Redbox®
With AnyRoom® On Demand you can start watching and recording in one room and finish in another.
Over 60,000 On Demand TV shows and movies on TV and online.
Choose who you want to talk to and avoid interrupting your entertainment, with Caller ID on your TV.
This launch is the culmination of years of work to transition Comcast’s network and products. XFINITY services will continue to evolve over time, giving you more choices and more control over entertainment, information and communications products you receive from Comcast.

What do I have to do to receive XFINITY?
As Comcast is enhancing our network on an area-by-area basis, we are making the transition as easy as possible, including providing you with digital equipment for up to three TVs at no additional monthly service charge. Once we have completed the transition to XFINITY, customers will enjoy more HD channels and faster Internet speeds. Over time, XFINITY will continue to deliver you even more choice, more control and more HD than ever before.

Do I have to pay more for XFINITY?
There is no added cost for XFINITY services, and XFINITY services are priced the same as comparable current Comcast service tiers. However, you may choose to upgrade to a higher service tier (such as faster internet speed) add a Sports and Entertainment package or add other premium channels or services that are made possible by XFINITY.

Is my Comcast.net email address going to change?
No, your @comcast.net email addresses will not change.

When will I begin to receive XFINITY?
You will receive XFINITY as soon as the network enhancements have been completed in your local community. Visit XFINITY.com and enter your zip code to see if XFINITY service is available in your community. If not, sign up to receive an email alert once XFINITY is available in your home.

What if XFINITY is not available in my area?
Some communities are able to receive XFINITY services today, while others are still undergoing the network changes that make XFINITY service possible. Visit XFINITY.com and enter your zip code to see if XFINITY is available in your community, and if not, sign up to receive an email alert once XFINITY is available in your home.

Where does the name XFINITY come from?
XFINITY stands for infinite content choices (the „infinity”) and cross-platform features (that’s the „X”). The idea behind XFINITY stems from an initiative called „Project Infinity.” We announced this initiative at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2008 and introduced Project Infinity for the first time. Project Infinity is about offering our customers exponentially more content choices and that means we’ll continually offer more VOD, more HD, more channels and more online video.

When we first announced Project Infinity in 2008, we had 10,000 video on demand (VOD) choices. This year, we’ll have 20,000 choices and that number will continue to increase significantly over time. At the same time, we began to roll out faster Internet speeds with DOCSIS 3.0 technology that delivers some of the fastest Internet speeds available. More recently, we added thousands of TV and movie choices for consumers to watch online and are adding 100+ HD channels and 8,000 HD choices On Demand. As these products evolved, and as new cross-platform features were being introduced, we wanted a new, more unified product name for these new products as we roll them out across the country. XFINITY is that name.

Once I have XFINITY, how will I know that I’ve received a new service enhancement?
New features and service enhancements made available by XFINITY will be announced in advertising in your market as well as on XFINITY.com and in other customer communications and notices, such as on your monthly billing statement.

Where can I go to learn more about XFINITY?
The best place for you to learn more about the benefits of XFINITY is at XFINITY.com. This is also where Comcast customers can discover how to get the most out of their XFINITY services, such as accessing email/voicemail, watching content online, and enjoying new services like remote DVR. To find out more about XFINITY, visit XFINITY.com.